Thursday, July 12, 2007

Podcasting in Special Education

Some special needs students have a lot of trouble focusing on a written evaluation and therefore require accomodations that involve teachers reading the questions in a separate room. I acted as a scribe for students writing the OSSLT this year, so I experienced the potential shame behind this procedure. How wonderful is that we can now pre-record our test/assignment questions, and have the students listen and visualize the test question using an iPod. Teachers that have developed comprehensive audio and visual files admit that it was time consuming at first. (But of course, anything that you're just beginning requires getting over a hurdle). Special Education students now feel comfortable and confident to take tests without adult intervention. This is not a way to replace special education teachers, but a way to supplement and complement their actions. Using this practice, they are free to circulate and monitor all students.

Podcasts can also be created to help lower level readers learn how to read. Using Audacity, teachers can record the books to help these students get through the challenge. They are not embarassed by this practice.

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